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How do I find out about new assignments and how do I apply for them?
You are notified by email of any new available assignments, according to certain criteria (location of the property, the photographer’s grade, etc.). Several photographers may be notified about the same assignment; to reply, you must be logged in to your Ocus account to confirm that you are interested in the assignment. But be careful, from the point where a photographer expresses their interest, the assignment will no longer be available!

Is the number of assignments limited?
The only limit is your availability, unless the team feels that your work does not meet the criteria specified in our guidelines.

Is there an exclusive contract between Ocus and me?
No, you are free to work wherever you wish, as long as it is not with our clients … without us!

How do you grade the photographers?
Our team of photographers assesses your application to give you a starting grade, then we adjust your grade as and when you take on assignments. This grade is based on the quality of your work as much as on your professionalism and punctuality.


What are your prices? Are they exclusive or inclusive of taxes?
Prices vary according to the number of agreed shots as well as any partnership agreements which exist. Our prices are always shown pre-tax.

How quickly are invoices paid?
Payments are made at the end of the month for services carried out during that period. Payment is made directly and easily through our dedicated interface (be sure to carefully follow the instructions specified on the “Payments and Invoices” tab).

How much can I hope to earn each month?
That depends on how many assignments you complete! Payments range from a few hundred to several thousand euros each month but it’s dependent on your motivation and skills.

I do not have a VAT number/I am not allowed to make out invoices. Is this a problem)
Yes if you want to work for Ocus you have to be able to make out invoices.


Is it necessary to have experience in real estate photography?
Yes, ideally, but it’s not a deal-breaker! We receive so many applications, we only look at the things which you provide (Portfolio, CV, Tumblr and other 500px …). Don’t have any or real estate photos? No problem: take photos of your home and send us the images!

I have specialised in cooking / events / video (or something else!), so can I expect to be given assignments by Ocus?
Absolutely! The assignments we offer you could be of a very different nature and we are always looking for trustworthy partners in all fields.

Do we have to have studied photography to work with you?
Not necessarily, it’s your talent which interests us the most!

I am Google Street View accredited, so can I offer 360° tours?
Ocus is growing in a number of different areas, particularly 360° tours. Your expertise will be a real strength and you may find that you’re the only candidate for certain assignments!

I don’t have any post-production skills. Will that be a problem?
No, our team deals with this to save you time! We simply ask that you make some basic adjustments.


I use a compact camera. Is that a problem?
Yes, we expect all our photographers to take pictures using RAW format, particularly so as to retrieve the high and low lights. Any camera which offers this format can be used. Don’t forget to pay attention to your camera’s sensor. If it doesn’t have full frame sensor, don’t forget to pass on the reduction coefficient on your targets so as to understand their effective value.

I don’t have a wide-angle lens. Can I apply nonetheless?
Without a minimum 18mm wide-angle lens (for full frame), we would not be able to give you any assignments. Like with architecture, real estate photography can’t be done without a wide-angle lens.

Is it possible to use a lens smaller than 18mm?
Yes, you can go as low as 14mm but watch out for distortions!

I don’t have a tripod. Is this a problem?
Yes! No assignments from Ocus if you don’t have a tripod.


I only use a Fisheye « wide-angle » lens
An interesting lens for photographing evenings amongst friends or kite-surfing competitions, of course. However, this is forbidden at Ocus because it doesn’t meet the high standards of real estate photography (except 360° assignments).

I use HDR, is that an advantage?
We aren’t great advocates of HDR (very sharp contrasts, loss of realism). However, within the context of real estate photography, achieving high light for windows is essential; this technique can be used provided a realistic approach is achieved.

I have a question which isn’t covered by these FAQs, so what do I do?
Contact our team at or by phone at +32 2 588 03 08, and we will be pleased to get back to you!